Tanker Fleet performance platform

Global analysis and benchmarking of tanker market activity

Our online tanker platform analyses and visualises movements of tankers around the world to give you the insight you need to understand the drivers behind the industry and optimize your tanker business. We track every maritime shipment of oil globally by combining of AIS, customs data, intelligence direct from ports and other proprietary data sources. We use this robust data to provide interactive maps and charts of tanker activity, updated daily, allowing you to derive direct insight in to the latest trends and activities without needing to manipulate data or digest pdf reports.

Every tanker operator has its own issues, strategies and visions, so we work with our clients to ensure that our platform provides the insight each client needs.

Global Market Analysis


We provide a complete analysis of the seaborne energy trade, covering crude oil, petroleum products, LPG and LNG.

Our platform covers the four key tanker commodities: crude oil (by grade), clean products, LNG and LPG. For each of these we can provide insight in to the port calls and volumes moved by port, country, route and customer. We can cut this information in many ways – by type of vessel, by geography, by port, or in any other way that provides value to our clients.

We provide comprehensive global coverage of every shipment of liquid cargo since 2013. See the biggest load locations, offtake locations and routes, understand the trends and see the seasonal patterns in where tanker activity is happening. The dashboard below shows crude imports by country, but it is available for all products (crude, products, LNG and LPG), all flows (imports and exports) and down to specific ports and berths and at a specific grade level.

The dashboard below is an example of the analysis we provide, restricted to just clean product flows in Europe. We provide our clients with similar information for all products and with data available from 2013 to the present day.


Client’s Fleet Analysis


We support our clients with a tailored analysis on their own activity.

Our platform gives our complete transparency of their activity. This analysis can be designed to specific areas of the world or commodities and we can align our analysis to client KPIs. Our clients use our platform to review activity across their fleet and drill down in to specific performance on one of their vessels.

Users can see the global fleet activity for a specific fleet operator by year, location, commodity carried and vessel type. They can then compare their own fleet’s activity with competitors to see how and where they are gaining or losing ground. The dashboard below shows the global activity of a major tanker operator, and this can be filtered for any operator.

Comparative Study


Our platform is global. We want to help our clients to understand how their business is performing compared to their main competitors. As we track every cargo, we can tell you how your fleet is doing in terms of utilisation and tonne miles compared to the global fleet or specific competitors.

Taking this a step further, users can compare their operations against the operations of other comparable owners. They can use our tool to see on a day-by-day, week-by-week or month-by-month basis how they are faring against their biggest competitors,  where they are losing or gaining ground and understand what the trends are that are driving these changes. By comparing ballast and laden voyages we can also assess overall vessel utilisation.

The dashboard below is an example of our analysis, restricted to two anonymised crude vessel owners. Our clients can have full access to this data for any commodity type, any operators and with data available from 2013 to the present day.

Click on full screen mode for a complete view of the dashboard.