The container shipping market is unsettled. Global production is shifting and new routes are emerging as others dwindle. The arrival of massive new ships in 2018 will result in sweeping vessel redeployment that will cascade down to the smallest trade lanes.

How will the market change and which routes will win or lose? ClipperMaritime's Container Horizons report gives our view.


  • The most informed source of container industry intelligence and analysis available in the market
  • We combine granular country and port level container movement data with our tracking of container service changes in an interactive platform and a monthly report
  • Container industry experts add their market insights to provide powerful analysis
  • Our insights are relevant to financial markets, investors, operators, shipping lines, supply chain operators and other maritime stakeholders
  Container lines are changing their operations on the pivotal Asia - North Europe route

Container lines are changing their operations on the pivotal Asia - North Europe route

a step ahead of the container market

Our monthly Container Horizons report brings together our port-to-port container movement data, service level vessel deployment data and our experts' knowledge of the drivers of market behaviour.

In each issue, we identify the latest developments in supply and demand for the key container trade lanes. We use our suite of demand forecasts to present our view of future demand  a trade lane level. Our cascade model answers the biggest question in the industry - how will the lines deploy their biggest ships, and where will they deploy the ships the big ships displace? By combining our demand and supply models we provide indicators of the health of each of the key trade lanes.

We use our expertise and best practice in visualisation to provide you with a report that is more than repetitive text, bar charts and tables. We pick out the important issues and present them to you in an easily comprehended but comprehensive way


Deployment of new vessels on the Asia-Mediterranean trade lane will lead to a jump in supply capacity


resolving the market's challenges

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Every month we ask our team to analyse a specific issue that is troubling the industry at the moment.

In our second issue we look at Donald Trump's assertion that NAFTA is the worst deal ever made, and consider how different free trade deals have affected trade volumes. We find that NAFTA has encouraged more imports, allowing US manufactureers and consumers access to a broader range of goods.

We want to help the market understand and overcome its biggest challenges. In our future issues we want to partner with some of the key players in the market and have our team solve their specific problem.

If you have any topics you would like us to cover in future issues, please get in touch.


Interact with the container market

Our clients often want more than a static report. They want to explore the issues that have the biggest impacts on their business. Our interactive dashboards allow our clients to do this. They can see the biggest changes in country to country flows on specific trade routes or investigate how major services have changed.

The dashboard below allows our clients to explore the routes and structure all of the major container services and how these have changed over time. It is set to only show January of 2017, but we can provide this information live up to the current month ahead. We provide similar interactive dashboards for all aspects of container supply and container movements.

If you are interested in any of our get in touch for a demonstration of our container market dashboards.