Container Horizons

Our Container Horizons platform informs, empowers, and saves time for stakeholders across the container shipping sector. To do this we have cleansed, combined and analysed five key industry data sources:

  • The most granular container flows: loaded TEU on a port-port basis wherever possible (and always country-country)

  • Deep sea service schedules: theoretical/planned vessel deployments on an advanced monthly basis

  • Satellite vessel tracking: details of all vessels operating globally.

  • Commodities: which commodities are moving between which countries, based on aggregated customs data

  • Rates: spot rates per TEU for all of the major trade lanes from the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index

We deliver our outputs through an online dashboard. This enables remote, interactive access for our clients wherever they are. Below, we set out four of our key target markets alongside the business questions that our platform answers. This pack then sets out some sample dashboards to demonstrate the types of outputs we deliver, all of which can be fully customised to individual client needs and updated immediately as new data becomes available.

Ship owners


Asset benchmarking – deployment & utilisation | Industry trend identification | Externalities & impact assessments | Port compatibility

Shipping lines


Competitor benchmarking | Market share assessments | Trade production trends | Granular demand understanding | Externalities & impact assessments (i.e. trade wars)

Ports and investors


Asset benchmarking – deployment & utilisation | Industry trend identification | Externalities & impact assessment | Port compatibility

Cargo & supply chain


Intermodal connectivity | Port / terminal / operator connectivity options | Service / operator reliability | Operator financial health | Rates data &forecasting | Consumption & green credentials

Our core offering is a platform that combines the five key data sources above which provides our users with a comprehensive overview of activity and changes in the container market. We also provide specific analysis to different parts of the maritime supply chain. An example of our specific analysis for cargo owners is below. It allows cargo owners to see the robustness and availability of container services to and from different locations for each of their key production or logistics hubs. We offer similar specific services to port operators and vessel operators. Please get in touch for a demonstration of these products.

Click on full screen mode for a complete view of the dashboard.


All our clients also receive a monthly PDF newsletter with summaries of the latest new, updates on the latest market data direct from our platform, and insight from our container industry experts. Each issue also includes an in depth analysis of a key issue facing the market. Recent insight has been on the Baltic feeder market, challenges relating to IMO2020 and relative benefits of different ways of undertaking traffic forecasts.