Independent maritime consulting and data solutions


Focused on maritime transportation and infrastructure, we are a leading independent consulting and data solutions firm. We deliver innovative digital solutions and provide advisory services to the most significant institutions in the market.

We pride ourselves on working with clients who realise the power and need for innovation in the way they use data. Our approach is agile and pragmatic, and we are focused on creating value.


comprehensive maritime data

We track global trade flows by all transportation modes that is spatially mapped to infrastructure and industry.

We monitor the maritime market across 180 countries; 5,000 commodities; 47,500 Port, Terminals & Berths; 55,000 vessels and 1.3 million port calls annually.  This allows us to offer clients a level of insight simply unmatched in today's maritime industry.  

Our real power comes when we combine our industry wide information with our clients’ data to identify specific market opportunities. We embed our experts within client organisations to build a seamless understanding and integration of our data and visualise the information in the way that works best for our clients.

What are we saying?


Case study: global crude and tanker trade flows

We used our proprietary database to analyse global maritime movements of crude oil and petroleum products for an international shipping firm., We considered how trade flows vary across the grade of product, the ports and the different vessel types.



ClipperMaritime is part of the ClipperData group, a market leader of innovative data services specialising in maritime shipping and the energy markets. Its products and services are relied upon daily by the financial markets and the worlds leading major multinational oil and gas companies. Media references include: